Dr Massoud Hajsadr ( Master Tutor )   United Kingdom
“Fully Committed to Achieving your Target Grade .... (Aiming for A and A*)”
£40 - £60
I believe that learning is quite addictive especially when learners begin improving and achieving better grades. That is why initially I focus on identifying your preferred learning style and hence the teaching approach that suits you best so that you can begin experiencing true learning immediately. I have much dedicated resources that I have personally designed to suit the learning style of my students. For visual learners I have my animated teaching clips, for kinaesthetic learners I have the practical routines and games that suits them and...

John Corrigan   United Kingdom
“Over 30 years teaching/tutoring experience helping student achieve their full potential.”
I provide flexible personalised tuition sessions tailored to the individual needs of the student. After initial discussion with the student I will agree a programme of study to help improve their level of achievement in any identified weakness. Tutoring sessions could consist of intensive lessons covering topics that the student has identified or sessions could involve intensive work on “past papers” and questions from the target examination board and syllabus. I help students work methodically step-by-step through questions/problems until...

Heather Clements-Wheeler   United Kingdom
“Keen to help you achieve your full potential in Geography, Religious Studies, Leisure, Travel & Tourism - an Examiner for 5 UK exam boards” ”
Religious Studies      Geography      History      Travel / Leisure and Tourism      Citizenship     
£30 - £32
I am a very calm teacher believing that the best way for anyone to achieve is to believe in their potential and to make them feel special. I create bespoke resources to help you learn best. I have a wealth of exam board experience and understand how numerous exam boards devise and mark their papers, therefore I know how best to answer questions to achieve the higher grades.

Daniel Joneth   United Kingdom
“Need an A in Chemistry or Maths? I can help with that.”
Chemistry      Maths      Sciences     
£15 - £45
In an hours session, I'll cover a maximum of 20 minutes of that particular topic. Then the rest of the 40 minutes will be used to consider various types of exam based questions on that particular topic. I will provide exam techniques and unique ideas of how to solve even the hardest of Chemistry/Maths questions.

Alireza Sedighi   United Kingdom
“To reach summit you need an experienced and professional expert; trust me.”
Based on my assessment during the free lesson, I would set a target for you. Students are learning Persian for different purposes. For those who want to learn colloquial Persian I use the story telling method. In this method I will give my students opportunity to speak and converse from the first lesson; they would then be encouraged to use the vocabulary and sentences learned. This method is also used for the students who are preparing themselves for GCSE exam, listening and speaking part. Students who want to prepare themselves for A...

Linzi Henry   United Kingdom
“I am patient and very experienced in improving students' maths skills and building their self-confidence.”
When teaching I find out what students' weaknesses are and start to fill in gaps in their knowledge by breaking topics down into small understandable steps. This can take a few lessons to start producing improved results but once their confidence with maths begins to grow they get more from their school lessons. I have a huge set of resources to make lessons interesting and for students to work on in their own time. I am very patient and persistent when explaining topics, it matters to me that students understand and enjoy maths.

Ileana Boulton   United States
“Committed to helping you achieve the best possible grades”
English      Biology     
£20 - £25
I am very calm and friendly and try to make studying as enjoyable as possible. I believe that learning under pressure does not really work. When my student is relaxed then he/she can learn better. I make it a point to firstly understand the current difficulties that a student is having and then I build my teaching around that issue until it is resolved. I like to help students with their homework because I know they are more focused while trying to complete a homework. Most my teaching effort goes on tailoring the classes to ensure that the...

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