Welcome to Mega Tutors

We are a UK-based company dedicated to improve students' grade, no matter what their level is. We especially focus on students getting an A-grade and this is what makes us so special. Yet, any body at any level can use Mega Tutors to get a better grade.

Mega Tutors in short:

We claim that we can improve your grade with our excellent online tutors from all over the world. Why can you trust us? Because you can:

  1. Find a tutor: Find a tutor which best fits your educational need from the long list of our tutors.
  2. Try them for free: Request a free trial and try both your tutor and our online classroom to see if it is the one you need.
  3. Book a lesson: Once you find your tutor, book some lessons with them.
  4. Pay as you go: You only pay for the lessons you book, not a whole curriculum.
  5. No contracts: There is no contractual obligation requiring you to continue your tuition with your selected tutor nor with our service at Mega Tutors.
  6. No hidden fees: You just pay the amount you see in tutors' profile.

How the system works?

Mega Tutors works in the simplest way ever known for online learning:

  1. Select your subject
  2. Find your tutor
  3. Try our tutors for free
  4. Book some lessons
  5. Start learning
Read more about our learning procedure in How it works...

Our subjects
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